amaZon speed

amaZon speed

Redefining Ion Trap performance for small molecule Applications


The amaZon speed ion trap sets a new analytical standard for small molecule and screening applications. Fundamental improvements to the well proven amaZon platform offer dramatically enhanced speed, and mass resolution. MS/MS efficiency and reproducible quantitation, are delivering unsurpassed performance levels. 


With a 10x higher MS/MS sensitivity over current platforms, Zero Delay Alternating™ switching at a minimum of 20 Hz MS acquisition rate, this ion trap meets the increasing demand of  the pharmaceutical, chemical and clinical market. amaZon builds upon Bruker’s vast experience in ion trap technology, and is designed specifically to enhance capabilities in research areas such as  proteomics, metabolomics, compound screening and identification, and detailed chemical analysis.


Unmatched ion trap performance through innovation

  • Greatly increased MS/MS duty cycle for more productive data acquisition
  • Highest ion trap mass accuracy through proprietary RF generator design
  • Leading dual ion funnel technology for unparalleled sensitivity
  • Zero Delay Alternating™ for polarity switching with a minimum of 20 Hz MS acquisition speed
  • New SMART isolation and fragmentation
  • Unrivalled scan speed of 52,000 u/sec at a peak width < 0.5 u for resolution of doubly charged ions
  • Support of fastest UPLC applications at a maximum duty cycle.


Dual ion funnel

Delivering unmachted sensitivity by dual ion funnel inlet.


Fast scanning mass analyzer

Delivering unmachted sensitivity by dual ion funnel inlet.


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