Bench-Mark in Accurate Mass LC-MS/MS


Total confidence for routine analysis.

The micrOTOF-Q range is widely acknowledged in setting standards in performance and reliability by which all other accurate mass ESI mass spectrometer are judged.


micrOTOF-Q III demonstrates the best performance standard in its class.


Comprehensive applications solution software allows your micrOTOF-Q III to become your dedicated partner whatever your challenge in routine applications, such as:


The advantage of Confidence in Routine

Each performance parameter, whether it is mass accuracy, resolution, or sensitivity, is top in its class. Uniquely in the market, micrOTOF-Q III makes no compromises in delivering the best. All parameters are delivered simultaneously to provide the most complete insight into your sample.

  • 20,000 full sensitivity resolution
  • Low picogram sensitivity
  • 2 ppm mass accuracy


The formula machine

The combination of mass accuracy, high resolution and True Isotopic Pattern (TIP) makes the micrOTOF-Q III the real formula machine. TIP is applied to precursor and fragment ions which is an outstanding features in formula generation by MS.

Powered with Compass OpenAccess™ it provides an automated walk-up LC-MS system for chemical formula generation, molecular formula confirmation and generic LC-MS measurements. This client-server based software supports LC-MS workflows especially for chemists in laboratories with various levels of instrumental analysis experience.



The GC-APCI source enables the combination of LC-QTOF MS with both LC and GC. The micrOTOF-Q III system provides exact mass accuracy and resolving power to expand the horizon for GC-MS based analyses. Data acquisition rates of 20Hz and faster are mandatory for typical GC peak widths of < 2 s (FWHM). The unambiguous formula ID from the GC-TOF-MS run is determined using SmartFormula™.




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