MATRIX-I — 傅立叶变换近红外光谱仪


Bruker 的 MATRIX-I 采用傅立叶变换近红外技术,为满足你的质量保证/质量控制需求,提供独特的解决方案。


MATRIX-I 是专为工业现场质量保证/质量控制分析而设计的坚固的傅立叶交换近红外光谱仪。 该系统采用了获得 R&D 100 金奖的 MATRIX-F 光谱仪的设计理念。该仪器配有积分球,可以快速方便地采用漫反射技术进行分析。样品可以在其容器或者是倒入标准的样品杯中直接进行测量。此方法是分析群体 样品的理想之选,尤其是在不均匀的样品或大颗粒样品分析中更具显著优势,例如谷物或种子。


Rugged and compact system


MATRIX-I’s permanently aligned optics and insensitivity to vibrations and temperature changes, make it a perfect rugged and compact system for laboratory and at-line analysis. Secure computer interfacing via standard ethernet, using TCP/IP protocol and an embedded HTML server, enables fast and reliable connectivity.


Easy maintenance

Fourier Transform technology allows higher resolution, better sensitivity, higher wavelength accuracy and easy calibration transfer from one instrument to another. Maintenance of the system is simple, since all consumable components (such as the laser and sources) are on pre-aligned mounts for quick exchange.




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